District of Columbia Bicycle Messenger Association

District of Columbia Bicycle Messenger Association


     The DC Bicycle Messenger Association (the spiritual continuation of the DC Bicycle Courier Association) has served many purposes over the years, from labor organizing, fundraising, event organization, to advocacy. We have operated as a nonprofit, and at other times just as an unofficial group - whichever suits the needs of the messenger community at the time.

     The current version of the DCBMA is here for the camaraderie of the current scene with the simple goal of supporting the messenger community through planning events for messengers and the broader urban cyclist community to fundraise for causes which encourage solidarity and growth within these communities and beyond. We hope to continue the fluidity of our group and to grow in terms of scope and organization.

     Membership is automatic to all working bicycle messengers and supporters of the community. Meetings are currently held on Sundays, please email us at DCBICYCLEMESS@gmail.com if you are interested in helping.